Thursday, March 24, 2022

Tying Up Loose Ends - part 2

The rear level of #13 tee was stripped and leveled yesterday 3/23/22 and the middle level will get the same treatment today. Re-sodding of these levels likely the beginning of next week. They will need a couple of weeks to grow-in before we mow them down and open them so we will have tees moved forward until mid to late  April. Same thing on the two upper levels of #15. We are stripping and preparing those levels along with the new rear tournament level of #16 this week. Sodding of those starting today 3/24/22 and finishing up tomorrow. Below are some pictures of progress.

#16 Tournament Level ready for sod.

#16 Tournament Level re-sodded. Sod is overseeded hybrid bermuda. Best of both worlds.

Tournament & Granite Level of #13 Tee leveled and awaiting re-sodding.

Tee markers on 13 will be placed forward during construction and grow in of new sod. Leveled and re-sodded levels should be playable toward the middle part of April. 

Thank You !

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