Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Tying Up Loose Ends - part 4

Work on the bridge on #14 continued on Tuesday with installation of the gabion baskets and the tedious work of filling them with rock. The second tier of baskets under the bridge will be a little trickier to fill as the baskets will be a bit tight so we will likely get started on  them  on Wednesday. All in all, the process has been uneventful so far as construction workers and golfers have been in perfect sync.

Awaiting news on sod installation for the upper and middle tee levels of #13 tee. I'm hoping to get sod contractor to install with big rolls which would produce far less seams and allow us to get back on the tee sooner. Below are some pictures of Tuesdays progress.

Tuesday's gabion work

First tier of gabions under the bridge.

First tier getting filled with rock. Second tier on top of this one will present a challenge to fill because of space constraints.

#13 Tee upper and middle levels awaiting sod.


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