Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Tying Up Loose Ends

 As mentioned in our last course update as well as in Kevin's recent GM message, we are currently preparing the golf course for daily member play and at the same time tying up 2021 renovation loose ends. Diamond Golf is back to complete a bridge abutment project on #14 along with tying up some loos ends as well. This bridge footing work will clean up the temporary fix we did years ago when a flash flood in the midst of a drought caused a huge rock to slide off the creek bank and exposed the footing of the bridge. The bridge work is a separate project that Diamond golf has been contracted to complete.

Currently working on leveling the new back tee on #16.

A lot of settling occurred on the tee levels on #13. We are going to deal with the top two  levels first and use the bottom two levels for play while we are leveling those.

Salvador Rodriguez back at Granite Bay, strategizing the repair of #14.

I will be sending out multiple short and sweet  updates with mostly pictures while we are going through this phase which also includes the lining and repair of new water feature on #12.

Thank You!

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