Friday, April 22, 2022

New Fairway Topdressing

Our new Santa Anna Hybrid Bermuda Fairways will start to get sand  topdressed for the first time since construction starting this coming week, 4/25/22. Sand topdressing will be the secret to the success of these fairways moving forward and accumulation of this topdressing will continue to make them better and better. We plan to do this level of topdressing twice a year for the next few years.

We will be applying a rate of 50 tons per acre per application which amounts to about 1/3 of an inch of sand. That seems like allot, but its not and once dry it will drag right into the turf canopy. A 50 ton per acre rate amounts to 1500 tons on our fairways or 57 truck and tailor loads or three million pounds.

The process of receiving and spreading the sand takes some time. It will take us the better part of two weeks. We have to spread the sand in the AM and allow it to dry then we have to drag it in, and moving all of that sand in one morning with our 4 yard fairway sand topdressor is impossible as it will take over 300 trips to complete the job. Look for some back nine starts next week as we strategize on keeping the disruption to a minimum while getting the sand on the course. Morning golfers will have to coexist with us and the process and we'll do our best to stay out of everyone's way. 

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Topdressing sand being spread on a newly sprigged fairway in 2021.

Just some of the topdressing sand being stored on corner of Barton and Roseville Parkway

More sand stored in the parking lot. We'll move this first.


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