Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Tying Up Loose Ends - part 6

There will be continued tie-up activity this week on the course requiring some temporary detours for golfers that will minimally effect play through Saturday if all goes according to plan. We are cleaning up a curbing project adjacent to #1 & #10 tee's, doing continued electrical conduit installation along #3 green, #3 tee and now heading across #12 fairway. Additionally we are putting the finishing touches on our new pump station installation and have completed the new stairwell leading down to the cart barn area. These stories are much easier to tell with pictures.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

In the spirit of celebrating a completed project, above shows the new stairwell down to the cart barn.

Almost completed is the installation of our new irrigation pumpstation. We still have to replace the old motors which appear in the background of this picture with new ones which are caught up in  the supply chain and wont be here until June. More importantly we have divers arriving Thursday 4/21/22 to inspect and remove silt from our wet well and intake pipe, along with inspect and size up the intake's pipe screen which is out in the lake irrigation lake on #9 that needs replacement. I plan to do a full on pump station replacement update in the future for those of us who geek out on this stuff.

Taking advantage of our last closed Monday for awhile we replaced the curbing around #1 & #10 tees that were severely impacted by construction traffic in 2021. We have more of that to do on the course, and it will all get done in time, but these highly 
visible curbs were always a priority. 

In addition to replacing all the existing curbing on #1 & #10 tees we added a section adjacent to the upper practice green. This area has always been bad  and hard to grow turf because of allot of parking traffic. In addition to keeping the the traffic off of the area, the curb gives us an opportunity to add good soil and re-sod which will make the area substantially better. We will have this area re-sodded and the practice green open by Thursday 4/21/22.

Special Thanks goes out to Todd Johnson, Roy Sampson & the entire crew at J&S Asphalt. These guys are a joy to work with.

We are continuing to install electrical service along the cart path on #3. We have been strategic on the last two closed Mondays to get the area's near #3 tee as well as #3 green. We have a 200' section to tie into between the #3 ladies tee and #3 pond edge which we will be completing  Wednesday 4/20/22 & Thursday 4/21/22. Cart traffic on these days will be detoured in front of the back tee on #4 and the tournament tees on #4 will be moved forward.

After crossing in front of #4 tee, we have setup a little turn around as carts will temporarily be restricted from turning around near the green. These detours should only be in place through
Friday 4/21/22 at the latest, weather permitting, although it is supposed to be raining on Thursday.

When we are finished with electrical install adjacent to #3 we will need to move across the very beginning section of #12 fairway. In order to be efficient and at the same time stay out of golfers way, we have constructed a small tee across the cobblestone creek

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