Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Cart Barn Stairs & Rough Aeration

 We have some out of the ordinary maintenance tasks  and circumstances happening this week on the course that I wanted to communicate them to the Membership. 

We are aerating the rough as well as replacing the old cobblestone stairs leading down to the cart barn. The aeration process hasn't produced allot of cores this go around, but the sweeping of them is always a dusty mess that has to be done during dry daylight hours or else the cores will not pick up and make a muddy mess. 

The stairs at the cart barn ramp depicted below are in desperate need of replacement. We will be able to work around golf activity so there will be no disturbance except some noise, we just wanted to communicate what was going on.

Additionally, I mentioned in a previous course update that we were in the process of replacing our 26 year old pumpstation. Supply chain issues have stalled the delivery of our turbine pumps for the new pumpstation, but we are still able to irrigate  at half our original capacity. What this means is the total amount of time we have to irrigate, or our water window , is extended. How this translates for the golfing member is that conditions might be wetter in the AM because the entirety of the irrigation cycle ran longer into the AM, as well as we will have to start irrigation earlier then normal. 

Good news is our new pumps are almost here and ready to install. We still have irrigate but desperately need the  replacement so coordination of  both the irrigation needs of the course and shutting down of the pumpstation for replacement will be essential. In the mean time we ask your patience as irrigation will be running earlier in the evening as well as later into the AM. I will be doing in depth course updates throughout the pump station replacement process for those who might be interested.

 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Our rough took a beating last year during construction and although it has recovered nicely, a good aeration will do it wonders. The areas are so compacted and hard we are pulling very small cores. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding if you were playing this week and we were both aerating and sweeping up the core debris. This is a dirty, dusty process and it has to be done when it is dry. The only option to getting this process complete while open for member play is closing the course or part of the course and nobody wants that. Through Wednesday,  aeration process on the front nine is complete as well as #17 & #18 on the back nine. Thursday we will continue on the back nine, then finish up remaining holes on Monday when we are closed.

This stairwell will be replaced on Monday 4/11/22, although the process
will start with Enrique doing demolition on Friday 4/8/22. J&S Asphalt 
will start forming stairs on Saturday, finish forming as well as pour the 
stairs on Monday 4/11/22.

The four turbine pumps in the background here are the heart beat of our operation and are currently working at half of their original capacity. The pumpstation and irrigation system are designed to operate at 1800 gallons per minute (GPM) and are currently operating at 990 GPM. We have made adjustments so irrigation coverage is not as compromised, but the adjustments extend our water window proportionally. And it is going to get warm (85-90) for a couple days coming up. This is why you might notice irrigation running longer in the AM and starting sooner in the PM until we replace the pumpstation.

Thank You for Your Support

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