Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Tying Up Loose Ends - part 5

Diamond golf put the  the finishing touches on the bridge abutment on  #14 green bridge by end of last week on Friday 4/8/22. The finished product incorporated native cobbles and rock which I think looks good. Additionally they wrapped up sod repair on #13 tee.

J&S Asphalt formed the new stairwell at the cart barn on Monday 4/11/22 as planned, but dident get the concrete poured because of light rain, so are going to pour the stairs today Tuesday 4/12/22. 

Along with the concrete being poured at the cart barn, we will be working on installing some electrical service through the edge of #3 tees this week. We have set up the  teeing area away from the work to keep the distraction to a minimum. 

Additionally the heart of our operation, the pumpstation , will be replaced starting Tuesday 4/12/22. This work is in the far northern end of the parking lot, so it wont be a distraction to members, but definitely worth mentioning. I will be doing some ongoing pump station replacement updates this week for those who are interested. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Bridge abutment on #14

#13 Tee

Stairwell at cart barn. Formed and ready to be poured Tuesday 4/12/22.

Electrical conduits being installed adjacent to #3 Tee. We will be working on some additional sections along cart path the week of 4/12/22 through 4/15/22. 

Associated work with replacing pump station includes intake screen replacement and cleaning around associated intake pipe. Picture above depicts our diver, Gary Borton, who does this kind of work for golf courses all over Northern California.

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