Friday, July 19, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #4

We briefly wanted to update everyone on the 2019 phase of Granite Bay's turf conversion or what Mr. Peabody affectionately calls "The Project". We will be using this course update several times a week  to spread the word during the construction process that is getting ready to start on 7/30/19.  A simple web search of will get you to the latest information and if one desires to go deeper into the history of this "in process" turf conversion you can click on the Hybrid Bermuda label and see all that we've written. And if you want to get even deeper into the weeds with this stuff, sign up for email notifications in the top right hand box of  Granite Bay Course Update and you will be notified of any new material. Most of what we are planning will be short and sweet with lots of pictures.

We are committed to communicating  what is going on during this process through 
course signage like above, the GBGC  Golf Shop morning email blasts,
as well as this course update. 

As a reminder the 2019 phase of this turf conversion includes re-grassing green surround's on hole #'s 1-2 & 4,8 & 9 on the front nine, and #'s 10-18 on the back nine. Surrounds on #'s 3, 5-7 were done in 2018. In addition we are converting the entire #17 fairway as a beta fairway for potential hybrid bermuda conversion of the remaining fairways in 2020. The variety of Hybrid Bermuda we have chosen is the California Hybrid, Santa Anna which trial patch is on #12. Again many of the construction details will be shared in advance and in real time for those who are interested. Construction of this magnitude requires a lot of planning and stuff happens that inevitably alters the planned timeline. That being said, below is our broad  timeline so you will know what to expect in the way of partial  hole closures. 

July 8th - 26th     Prep #17 Fairway.  Apply product that will kill the various turf varieties prior to pulverization. This work has already been done and did require closing the hole on 7/17/19 along with some cart path only restrictions.  #17 is now completely open to cart traffic and play until 7/30/19.

July 30th - August 4th     #17 Fairway Pulverization.  Fairway lines will be defined , current irrigation heads flagged and raised,  new irrigation heads installed, 3" sand cap installed, pulverize sand in to 4" of native soil, re-float, re-grade, compact soil.

August 5th - August 18th     Sod #17 Fairway. Strip and Sod Surrounds. Strip sod from identified surrounds, repair & re-shape bunker edges, re-set irrigation, install Santa Anna Hybrid Bermuda. 

Closures During Construction

#17 Fairway

As mentioned above #17 fairway is a beta test of a potential 2020 total fairway conversion and as such we will be in no hurry to open the hole after conversion until it is completely ready. The fairway  will be playing fast, firm and brown until  7/30/19 after which it will be closed to golf activities until we feel it is ready. If your handicap is 14 and above you'd score a 1 over par bogie, if handicap is 13 and below  you'd score a par.


To remain productive and get the contractors in and out of here when we are working on surrounds we will close the hole. There will be times when we are not working on a hole and it might be stripped of sod or have new sod installed. During these times, using preferred lies the hole would be open. When the hole is closed due to construction "If your handicap is equal to or exceeds the handicap of the hole, take a bogie. If it is less, take a par." 

 Patches on #17 right now are a great example of what we will have once
the fairways have been converted. Fast, firm, durable and sustainable.

This patch of existing common bermuda has 
received no water  in days.

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