Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #5

Next week we will start the 2019 phase of our turf conversion so want to provide a update for interested members. I'll start by apologizing for unexpected closure to hole #17 again today, 7/25/19. We are doing some vertical mowing work on #17 (see below pictures) that we thought would wrap up before anyone got there. Unfortunately that was not the case so we had to close the hole until 1:30 PM at which time it will re-open to both cart traffic and play through Sunday 7/28/19. After that it will be closed for turf renovation until it is ready to be opened.

Apologies for the unexpected closure on Thursday 7/25/19. 

Below are some pictures of the work we are doing prior to the contractors arrival this coming Monday 7/29/19. We'll have a better timeline when they arrive and we have a chance strategize. As promised we'll share dates and times of processes that might be of interest to our members through this course update. 

The project is more than just the right turf for GBGC. It also includes irrigation
modifications that allow us to control the water on the fairway and rough
edges independently. This allows for less irrigation on the fairways which 

hybrid bermuda likes, resulting in a firmer surface with more ball roll

Here is an example of the "in  & out" irrigation head modification in process.

Vertical mowing this morning Thursday 7/25/19 to remove much of the organic on 
#17 FW prior to pulverization. We plan to repeat the process depicted 3 to 4 times.

Sweepers picking up the mess created by the vertical mower

Sand being stockpiled in the parking lot for incorporation into the #17 fairway 
profile. We have to move all of that sand onto the fairway on Tuesday 7/30/19.
Members will play holes on #'s 1-15 on that day and exit back to the CH on #10
cart path that day so we can complete that work uninterrupted.

Monday 7/29/19 -  Mobilization and  Strategy Session with Contractor. 
Tuesday 7/30/19 - Move Sand Cap Sand onto #17. Prepare #17 for Pulverization.
Member play will be on holes 1-15 on this day, skipping #16, #17, #18 so this work can be completed uninterrupted. Hole HDCP on #16 is 6 so players with HDCP's 6 & above score a bogey, 5 & below a par. Hole HDCP #18 is 8 so player HDCP's 8 & above score a bogey, 7 & below a par.
Wednesday 7/31/19 - Complete Irrigation Modifications on #17. 
Thursday 8/2/19 - Pulverization #17.  Tentative

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