Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #7

Everything went according to plan today, Tuesday 7/30/19 as the contractor arrived and got started and we moved most of the sand we needed for #17 fairway (see pictures below). We had holes 16 through 18 closed primarily to accommodate moving sand into #17, but our contractor got started on stripping sod from #18 as well.

#18 surround sod removal in process with approach sod not being replace in this 2019 phase.
This will be where we have drop zones while area is awaiting sodding as well as new sod establishment.

Our goal is to not have any more then three holes closed at any one time during this process and #17 will always be one of them. We are not replacing approaches like we did last year on #'s 3, 5-7 so there will always be a drop area with grass to hit into the green when a surround has been stripped but not sodded yet. Therefore hole #'s 16-18 will be closed again tomorrow as the contractor will be preparing these holes for sod. There is a chance we will start stripping #14 as well tomorrow but will have a drop area open on #18 if that is the case. 

We will communicate  all hole closures during the this 2019 phase of The Project 
through morning email, this course update and on course signs.

Sod is not scheduled to start being installed until next Tuesday 8/6/19 so there will be several holes with drop areas in the approach waiting for sod installation over the next couple of weeks. Below are pictures of today's progress on #17.

#17 Progress

Piles of sand being deposited and spread on #17 FW.

Sand being graded to the proper depth on #17

Contractor working on stripping sod from #17 surround.

Contractor working on stripping sod on #18.

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