Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #6

As a reminder today Tuesday 7/30/19 we will be closing hole #'s 16 through 18 to accommodate moving  all of the sand in the north end of the parking lot onto #17 fairway. We should be able to open holes back up tomorrow barring any mechanical difficulties. Pulverization of #17 fairway is scheduled for the morning of Thursday 8/1/19. Additionally we are have some tree pruning done by Arborwell in conjunction with The Project to create a better light environment for turf and we they are working on hole #2. We  have cart traffic detoured in front of the green and to the left to accommodate this work as well. Below are some pictures of yesterday's progress on The Project.

Routing cart traffic around #2 green to the left to accommodate tree pruning

Newly trimmed tree behind #2 green

Trenching new sprinkler wires on #17 fairway

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