Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #2

Last Monday 7/8/19 we treated the #17 fairway with the first round of products that will eventually kill the existing grass in preparation for re-sodding in early August. As previously mentioned, the 2019 phase of GBGC's grass conversion plan was and is to complete green surround sodding that we started last year with green surrounds on #3, 5, 6 & 7. In addition to the remaining surrounds we secured funding to re-sod the #17 fairway as well.

The re-grassing process we are planning for the surrounds and the fairways are quite different. Surrounds we plan to strip the existing old sod and then re-sod with hybrid bermuda. The process on the fairways  is to kill existing  grass then add 3" of sand and pulverize the area to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. After the pulverization the fairway is re-graded, re-compacted and re-sodded. 

We need to treat the #17 fairway one more time and the proper timing lands us on this coming Wednesday 7/17/19. The hole will have to be closed that day so we don't transfer product from the treated area onto non-treated desirable turf areas such as the #17 putting surface with shoes or cart traffic. We will have a spotter to retrieve stray balls from #18 and to remind players that it is imperative to stay off the treated area until thoroughly dry so we don't injure desirable turf.

So during this 2019  process of re-grassing during the first three weeks in August we will have to have several  temporary hole closures as contractors carry out their work.. We will communicate these daily closures through the morning email updates and this Granite Bay Course Update.

John Korvin, The Clubs resident rule official states that keeping score during these times of temporary closures is as follows. "If your handicap is equal to or exceeds the handicap of the hole, take a boegy, if it is less take a par." 

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