Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #10

Progress will continue through the weekend of 8/3-4/19 as we get ready for sod installation to start on Tuesday 8/6/19. Our plan for the weekend is still the same as previously mentioned. Hole's #17 & #10 will be closed Saturday and hole's #17 & #15 will be closed Sunday to prepare for new sod installation. #17 will be closed until we determine it is fully ready to open. Below are some recent progress pictures.

Continued floating after some water was applied last night.

GBGC maintenance staff leveling heads on #17 Fairway

Working on #10 today, Saturday 8/3/19

Back of #14 stripped and ready for sod

#18 stripped and awaiting sod installation

#17 preparation view from afar

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