Friday, August 23, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #21

Executing the type turf conversion / renovation work we have recently done around most of our greens surrounds while remaining open to play has some inherent confusion for all involved. It's not ideal to do this kind of work while open but not ideal as well to inconvenience Members who want to play their course. We have coexisted well over the last 24 days and I want to thank you and assure you now  that all of the sod is down on the ground that:

  • You can't hurt this turf, that's one reason we are switching to it.
  • It won't be long before its  playable.
  • We still have some work to do to get it playable.

Starting today, Friday 8/23/19 we have opened the surround holes that were sodded early in the process albeit just two weeks ago as well as re-established Drop Areas for the holes where sod was installed within a week. 

  • Open Holes With Preferred Lies In the New Sod - #'s 1,9,10,11,12,15 &18.
  • Closed Holes With Drop Area - #'s 2,8,13,14,16

Newly sod on bunker finger #15. This sod was installed  only 11 days ago and is solidly rooted into  the soil.
That being said we want to protect the sod on these steep slopes from damage so we are asking members
 to keep off these areas until fully established.

Even holes that are open have GUR or Keep Off designations on the steep bunker fingers that are most susceptible to sod dislodging. We anticipate all holes with the exception of #17 being open with preferred lies in the new surround sod next weekend for Mini Mac. More updates to come on process and progress to get all of our new turf completely playable. 

Thanks for you patience. 

#17 Fairway on Friday 8/23/19  only 15 days after completing sod installation. We are already only watering it every other night and have mowed it three times. We still have big punch list of things to do to get this
hole open again to golf play. More to come on that.
Another image of #15 sod only installed 11 days ago. We are now playing preferred lies so bump your ball and give 
yourself plenty of relief from sod lines. 

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