Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #16

New sod installation was completed yesterday on #'s 12 & #11 along with getting started around the left hand bunkers on #15. The contractor will finish #15 today and almost finish #10. Below is what we sent to the golf shop for the morning e-mail blast explaining the daily hole closures as well as a few pictures from yesterdays progress.

Hole # 17 closed. #15 closed AM  for sodding. #10 closed PM  for sodding.
#'s 4,8,13,14,15,16,  are stripped and have a drop area in front of the green. #'s 1,9,11,12,18 have been re-sodded and are GUR. Please use Drop area's.

No delay.
Carts scatter.
Summer rules.

New Santa Anna around #12 green

Rolling #17 fairway yesterday

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