Friday, August 9, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #14

The sod installation crew finished installing sod on #17 this AM and completed installing sod around #18 green surround as well. It will be harder to predict timing installation around the greens as pace depends on many factors first and foremost being the amount of detail and irregular areas particularly associated with our bunkers. So the hole closure information we send to the golf shop will be more of a moving target then when predicting the stripping process.

Additionally we are going to play  the newly sodded areas around the surrounds and bunkers as GUR for a short period of time while the sod roots into the soil so we ask players to play from the drop zone in front of the green. Its alright to walk on the sod, but walk gingerly to retrieve your ball. Bunkers in newly sodded areas will remain GUR as well to protect the new sod on the slopes of the bunkers. Please do not try to exit the bunkers after retrieving you ball from any steep face or the front of the bunker. Below is the information sent to the golf shop this AM for email distribution along with some pictures of yesterdays progress.

Holes #'s 17& #9 closed  early. #'s 17 & #1 will be closed  after sod install finishes #9. Newly sodded surrounds including bunkers are GUR. Use drop area in front of green.

No delay 
Carts scatter
Summer rules

We are fine tuning bunker edges and restoring back down to original configuration prior to new sod.
Please take caution walking on the new tender sod when retrieving golf balls.
Bunkers and new sod around the greens are GUR until further notice.

New sod around green on #18.

Installing around upper bunker on #18

Intricate areas make for allot of handwork when installing sod on #18.

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