Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #15

I think it goes without saying that ideally the kind of work we are doing on the golf course currently would best be done when we are closed. Thanks to everyone who has had to endure various hole closures, bare dirt & new sod in our green surrounds the past couple of weeks. We hope to be bringing the sodding portion of this project to a close by the beginning of next week which will at least have all of the bare dirt covered. There will still be some culturing to get the new hybrid playable, but at least the ground will be covered. 

Current schedule is to be sodding hole #'s 12,11,15,2,4 & 8 sodded by the end of the week. We will  be installing sod on Saturday 8/17/19 so there will be an additional hole closed, most likely #8, on that day.

Below are some progress pictures and the message we sent to the golf shop for the AM e-mail this morning, Tuesday 8/13/19.

Hole # 17 closed. #12 & #11 Closed AM.  #15 Closed PM 
#'s 4,8,10,11,13,14,15,16,  are stripped and have a drop area in front of the green. #'s 1,9,12,18 have been re-sodded and are GUR. Please use Drop area's.

No delay.
Carts scatter.
Summer rules.

A better batch of sod installed on #12 surround  Monday 8/12/19.

Restored bunker edge of front right hand green side bunker on #12. 

Restored bunker edges and freshly sodded surround #18 green. This batch of sod was younger and more tender.

Same bunker as above picture with freshly sodded Santa Anna Hybrid Bermuda. The hybrid bermuda will root down
and fill in rapidly but in the short term we need to stay off and play the entire newly sodded area as GUR.

Back edge of the right hand green side bunker on #11.There is always something that comes up with construction
 and in our case on the 2019 phase of  our turf conversion it is restoration of our bunker edges to their original shape. This is an example of how far down the original grade is on many areas of our sand traps. This supplemental sprinkler was added  after original  installation and likely raised multiple times as the turf around it raised as sand gravitated and shifted downward distorting original bunker edges.

Santa Anna sod installed on Tuesday 8/6/19 rooting down two days later on Thursday 8/8/19.

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