Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #20

We're Done !

At least with covering the dirt & getting the sod installed. Other then some little areas that might need replacement, the preparation and sod installation part of the "The Project at GBGC" phase 2019 is done. Sod installation on #16 was the last part and was completed today as well as some fine fescue in the shady area on the right hand side of #18. 

Fine fescue installed right hand side #18 in under the shade of the large live oak.
Freshly installed Santa Anna Hybrid Bermuda on the last green surround bank on Wednesday 8/21/19.

We started the construction part of the project on September 30th, 23 days ago and the sod installation started 7 days later on August 6th, just 16 days ago. There was only two days in that 16 day period that we did not have sod being installed. 

We now need to shift our efforts into purley golf course maintenance and get caught up. In addition to maintenance we need to culture and grow in all of the newly installed sod and get it playable as quickly as possible. We'll continue to provide updates on progress and processes to achieve this end goal rapidly as well as getting #17 up and playable as soon as possible. 

Last bit of sod left over after sod installation was completed today 8/21/19 being laid down in our nursery area.

I anticipate taking down some drop areas around surrounds this week. The obvious ones  were sodded early in the sod installation process such as #'s 18, 9 & 1 as well as #'s 11, 12 & 15. The rest, #'s 2, 4, & 8 as well as #'s 10, 13, 14 & 16 should follow a week behind just in time for Mini Mac barring any setbacks.

SOD SEAMS – Through the Greensod seams (not the sod itself) are deemed to be ground under repair, and relief is available under Rule 16.1b if the ball lies in or touches a sod seam or the sod seam interferes with the area of intended swing. All seams within the sodded area are considered the same seam.

Drop area soon to come down on #12 green. Members can still get relief from sod seams under rule 16.1b

Thank you for your patience as we plowed through this first phase of turf renewal and conversion at Granite Bay. We'll continue to update interested members on progress as I mentioned above.

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