Monday, August 5, 2019

The Project at GBGC Update #11

Tomorrow Tuesday 8/6/19 is another milestone day on The Project as sod installation begins on the #17 fairway. While the sod contractor and their crew install the sod we will be supporting the removal contractor as they finish up preparation of the final 5 holes. Today Monday 8/5/19 we completed preparation on #9 and sod around Tilleys as well as stripping sod from #8  green surround. So tomorrow AM we will have #'s 17 & 18 closed again to facilitate big roll sod installation on #17 as well as #1 in the AM for preparation work. In the PM we will have #'s 17 & 18 as well as #11 for afternoon preparation. Below are some more pictures.

Pulverizer fluff up the rootzone fairly well.

Compacting the pulverized soil after rough grading and head leveling

#17 fairway looking backwards almost ready for sod
#9 & Tilleys surround. Tilleys putting green will be closed until new sod is installed

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